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Nome #
Aptamer-based biosensors for the detection of HIV-1 TAT protein 244
Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) Affinity Biosensor for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) Detection 239
A DNA-based piezoelectric biosensor: strategies for coupling nucleic acids to piezoelectric devices 233
A surface Plasmon Resonance biosensor for the determination of the affinity of drugs for nucleic acids 224
SPR detection of human Hepcidin-25: a critical approach by immuno- and biomimetic-based biosensing 222
A novel optical biosensor format for the detection of clinically relevant TP53 mutations 219
Identification of mammalian species using genosensors 217
Sensing Benzo[a]pyrene-DNA adducts formation via decrease of hybridization reaction 216
Development of an optical RNA-based aptasensor for C-reactive protein 215
Direct detection of genomic DNA by surface plasmon resonance imaging: an optimized approach 212
Label-free methods for probing the interaction of Clioquinol with Amyloid-β 210
DNA-based piezoelectric biosensor for human papilloma virus (HPV) detection 206
Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging (SPRi)-based sensing for anti-Bovine Immunoglobulins detection in Human milk and serum 205
A rational approach in probe design for nucleic acid-based biosensing 205
To the memory of Marco Mascini: His contribution in the field of biosensors 204
Cardiac Troponin T capture and detection in real-time via epitope-imprinted polymer and optical biosensing 203
Determination of phenylbutazone and flunixin meglumine in equine plasma by electrochemical-based sensing coupled to selective extraction with molecularly imprinted polymers 199
Direct immobilisation of DNA probes for the development of affinity biosensors 199
Detection of beta-Thalassemia by a DNA Piezoelectric Biosensor Coupled with PCR 193
Detection of clinically relevant point mutations by a novel piezoelectric biosensor, Biosensor and Bioelectronics, Special issue: Moving biosensors to point-of-care cancer diagnostics, 192
Towards Fast and Inexpensive Molecular Diagnostic: The Case of p. 53 192
New trends in affinity sensing: aptamers for ligand binding 185
A biosensor for the detection of highly repeated sequences in non-amplified genomic DNA 177
Real-time tau protein detection by sandwich-based piezoelectric biosensing: Exploring tubulin as a mass enhancer 177
Biosensors as new analytical tool for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) 174
Detection of TP53 mutation by a portable Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor 171
Bulk Acoustic wave (BAW) Affinity Biosensor for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) Detection 168
The early nucleation stage of gold nanoparticles formation in solution as powerful tool for the colorimetric determination of reducing agents: The case of xylitol and total polyols in oral fluid 163
Development of an optical biosensor for vitellogenin detection 162
An ultra-sensitive aptasensor on optical fibre for the direct detection of bisphenol A 143
A straightforward synthesis of phenyl boronic acid (PBA) containing BODIPY dyes: new functional and modular fluorescent tools for the tethering of the glycan domain of antibodies 139
Colorimetric determination of p-nitrophenol by using ELISA microwells modified with an adhesive polydopamine nanofilm containing catalytically active gold nanoparticles 138
Colorimetric determination of total protein content in serum based on the polydopamine/protein adsorption competition on microplates 133
Tunable growth of gold nanostructures at a PDMS surface to obtain plasmon rulers with enhanced optical features 131
Gold nanoholes fabricated by colloidal lithography: Novel insights into nanofabrication, short-range correlation and optical properties 126
Toward sensitive immuno-based detection of tau protein by surface plasmon resonance coupled to carbon nanostructures as signal amplifiers 108
Determination of fermentable sugars in beer wort by gold nanoparticles@polydopamine: A layer-by-layer approach for Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance measurements at fixed wavelength 106
A reusable optical biosensor for the ultrasensitive and selective detection of unamplified human genomic DNA with gold nanostars 97
Combination of amplification and post-amplification strategies to improve optical DNA sensing 96
Affinity sensing for transgenes detection in anti-doping control. 93
Erythropoietin Detection: A Biosensor Approach 91
Investigating nanoparticle properties in plasmonic nanoarchitectures with DNA by surface plasmon resonance imaging 90
SPR-Based Affinity Biosensors as Innovative Analytical Devices 90
Non-SELEX isolation of DNA aptamers for the homogeneous-phase fluorescence anisotropy sensing of tau Proteins 90
A small heterobifunctional ligand provides stable and water dispersible core-shell CdSe/ZnS quantum dots (QDs) 88
Improving surface plasmon resonance imaging of DNA by creating new gold and silver based surface nanostructures 87
A piezoelectric quartz crystal biosensor as a direct affinity sensor 83
The quartz crystal microbalance as biosensor. A Status Report on its Future 83
Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging (SPRi)-Based Sensing: A New Approach in Signal Sampling and Management 79
Characterization of troponin T binding aptamers for an innovative enzyme-linked oligonucleotide assay (ELONA) 79
Affinity-Based Biosensors As Promising Tools For Gene Doping Detection 78
Analytical applications of aptamers 78
Bioanalytical approaches for the detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms by Surface Plasmon Resonance biosensors 77
Coupling nanotechnology to optical affinity sensing: the case of surface plasmon resonance imaging for DNA detection 76
Coupling non invasive and fast sampling of proteins from work of art surfaces to surface plasmon resonance biosensing: Differential and simultaneous detection of egg components for cultural heritage diagnosis and conservation 76
Detection of pesticide in Drinking water using real-time Biospecific Interaction Analysis (BIA) 75
Development of biosensors with aptamers as biorecognition element: the case of HIV-TAT protein 74
Electrochemical and piezoelectric DNA biosensors for hybridisation detection 74
Disposable electrochemical sensor for rapid determination of heavy metals in herbal drugs 73
Surface plasmon resonance applications in clinical analysis 73
An optical DNA-based biosensor for the analysis of bioactive constituents with application in drug and herbal drug screening 72
Immobilisation of DNA probes for the development of SPR-based sensing 72
Biosensors as new technologies for gene-doping investigation. 72
Surface Nanostructuring For Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging 72
Self-powered microneedle-based biosensors for pain-free high-accuracy measurement of glycaemia in interstitial fluid 72
Piezoelectric Affinity Biosensor for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) detection, 71
Simultaneous Detection of Transgenic DNA by Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging with Potential Application to Gene Doping Detection 71
Biosensors and Related Bioanalytical Tools 71
Analytical applications of aptamers 71
Aptamer-Based Detection of Plasma Proteins by an Electrochemical Assay Coupled to Magnetic Beads 69
Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging for Affinity-based Biosensors 69
Aptamer-based bioanalytical methods 68
Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging For Affinity-Based Sensing: An Analytical Approach 68
Detecting Alzheimer's disease biomarkers: From antibodies to new bio-mimetic receptors and their application to established and emerging bioanalytical platforms - A critical review 68
Development of an Efficient Multiple Sclerosis Diagnostic Technology Based on an Optical Glycopeptide Immunosensor 67
Single Nucleotide Polymorphism detection by optical DNA-based sensing coupled to whole genomic amplification 67
Gene Delivery Markers For Gene Doping Detection: A Model Study by Affinity-Based Biosensors 66
Detection of fragmented genomic DNA by PCR-free piezoelectric sensing using a denaturation approach 65
Biosensors for RNA aptamers – protein interaction 65
Hepcidin-25 detection by Affinity Based Sensing: A possible application in Clinical and Anti-Doping Analysis 65
Improved Surface Plasmon Resonance sensor for DNA sensing 65
Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging for Affinity-Based Biosensors 64
Label free Affinity sensing: application to food analysis 64
(Bio)Sensor Approach in the Evaluation of Polyphenols in Vegetal Matrices 64
Silicon photonic biochemical sensor on chip based on interferometry and phase-generated-carrier demodulation 63
Transgenes monitoring in an industrial soybean processing chain by DNA-based conventional approaches and biosensors 62
Aptamer-based bioanalytical assays: amplification strategies 61
Probing DNA hybridization in thiolipid monolayers by means of impedance spectroscopy. 61
Electrochemical and optical study of metallothionein interactions with prion proteins 59
Design of a dual aptamer-based recognition strategy for human matrix metalloproteinase 9 protein by piezoelectric biosensors 59
Silicon-photonic interferometric biosensor using active phase demodulation 57
Surface Plasmon Resonace imaging: what next? 56
A new approach for the detection of DNA sequences in amplified nucleic acids by a surface plasmon resonance biosensoror 55
In vitro selection of RNA aptamers against CA125 tumor marker in ovarian cancer and its study by optical biosensing 55
SPR in drug discovery: searching for bioactive compounds in plant extracts 54
Surface plasmon resonance imaging for affinity-based biosensors . 54
Colorimetric analysis of the early oxidation of dopamine by hypochlorous acid as preliminary screening tool for chemical determinants of neuronal oxidative stress 54
3,3′,5,5′-tetramethylbenzidine as multi-colorimetric indicator of chlorine in water in line with health guideline values 53
Direct genotyping of C3435T single nucleotide polymorphism in unamplified human MDR1 gene using a surface plasmon resonance imaging DNA sensor 52
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