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FI - Finlandia 209
CN - Cina 105
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TR - Turchia 49
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AT - Austria 23
SC - Seychelles 17
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IN - India 12
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ES - Italia 4
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BR - Brasile 2
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AU - Australia 1
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Warsaw 1942
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Jacksonville 542
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Hanover 2
Hefei 2
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Düsseldorf 1
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Harbin 1
Hebei 1
Incisa 1
Jinan 1
Kunming 1
Ladispoli 1
Lima 1
Lucca 1
Mcallen 1
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Mumbai 1
Nanjing 1
Napoli 1
Nocera Superiore 1
Pavia 1
Perugia 1
Pindamonhangaba 1
Pisa 1
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Nome #
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